December 8, 2010
Rajinikanth will be celebrating his 61st birthday on December 12th, 2010 and as a part of the celebrations, plans are being made to conduct Sashtiapthapoorthi. This will be a traditional function in which Rajini and wife Latha will tie the knot once again.
Only close friends and relatives are being invited to attend this event which is scheduled to take place at their Poes Garden residence in Chennai.  



December 6, 2010

Following the Hello FM initiative, Rajinikanth donated 50,000 for AIDS affected children. The Superstar is known for doing several philanthropic activities and this is one among them. Recently, his counterpart and close friend Kamal Haasan also pledged support for the cause of AIDS-affected children and decided to endorse consumer brands and donate the money earned out of it for the said cause.


December 6, 2010

Ilaignan better than a Shankar movie: Rajini

The audio launch of Ilaignan was held on Sunday evening at Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai. Ilaignan has been produced by S. Martin and directed by Suresh Krishna. With Pa. Vijay, Meera Jasmine, Ramya Nambeesan, Kushboo and Namitha in lead roles, the music of Ilaignan has been scored by Vidyasagar. The function was attended by producer S. Martin and his family, Rama Narayanan, lyricists Vaali & Vairamuthu, actors Rajini, Suman, Kushboo, Meera Jasmine, Ramya Nambeesan, Namitha, music director Vidyasagar, Kanimozhi, MK Stalin along with many of the state’s ministers and MLAs under the auspices of Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi.

Songs and the Trailer

Three songs were shown to the audience along with the trailer of the movie. The songs, which are of different genres, got tremendous response from those present.

1) Mazhaiyil Kulitha Malarvanam….was like a painting displayed on screen. With the song shot in colorful Tulip gardens and the Alps Mountains, the song was visually mesmerizing.

2) Imai Thoothane…had a culmination of interesting music with prominent sounds of European symphony.

3) Thozha…was like a revolution-based song. Involving thousands of people in a shipping yard, this song is motivational. What simply stands out in this song is the grandeur seen in it.

The trailer again made everyone awe-struck. With so many junior artists, the art direction involving the ship and Kalaignar’s roaring dialogues, people were just wondering about the effort and the money that has been invested in making this movie.

Namitha and the audio release

Namitha, who is usually seen in skirts and skimpy outfits in functions, was seen is a glittering black saree in the function.

The audio of Ilaignan was released by Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi himself and was received by Rajinikanth, along with other crew members of the movie. Marking CM’s presence in the occasion, the Ilaignan team presented him with a memento resembling a sparkling golden ship. If this wasn’t moving enough, producer S. Martin presented the CM with a giant-sized album containing photographs of all of Kalaignar’s 74 earlier movies. This album, containing photos of artists and supporting staff involved in all of Karunanidhi’s earlier movies, was brought in a typical old-fashioned ‘Pettagam’ and was presented to the CM.

The website for the movie was launched by Rajinikanth and to represent this he presented the launch card to producer S. Martin’s children.

CM’s brain is that of a 40-yr old

CM’s daughter Kanimozhi recalled an incident when speaking on the occasion. Referring CM, Vaali, Vairamuthu and others present as ‘Ilaignans’, she said that doctors informed that Karunanidhi’s mind functions like a 40-year old when he was subjected to a brain scan recently.

Heaping praises on the cast and crew, actor Suman could not hide his excitement on being a part of this project. Informing that this movie is special and close to his heart, he thanked the CM for recommending his name for his role in the movie. Humbly admitting that he hoped to have done justice to his role, he felt amazed by Kalaignar’s contribution towards this movie and admitted that he is very proud to have associated himself with this project.


Actress Kushboo, who has a meaty role in this movie, revealed that she feels the same nervousness she felt when her first movie got released. Happy about the outcome of the movie, she said that she is privileged to have spoken dialogues written by the CM. Saying that Ilaignan is not a translation of the novel ‘Thai Kaaviyam’, she said that it is a transliteration as Kalaignar has written her role in the movie keeping his mother in mind. Having acted in this revolutionary character, she concluded by saying that she takes pride in essaying this character.

Nanbar Kalaignar Avargale

After appreciating Kanimozhi for her speech, Vairamuthu recalled an incident when it was a high-pressure time for Rajini to enter politics. He said that Rajini agreed to the concept of a Tamilian becoming the CM rather than the post decided on caste. He also praised Rajini for his logical reasoning even at those situations.

The roof went down when the host of the evening, Ramya, announced the next name to speak. Rajini started with the line “Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukke” and continued “Nanbar Kalaignar Avargale” and followed the same for Vaali, Vairamuthu and others.

CM requested me

Informing the audience about his presence in MK Alagiri’s son Dayanidhi Alagiri’s marriage in Madurai, he said that he got a call from the CM after he reached Chennai the day after. Showing surprise over hearing CM’s voice on the other end, he said that Kalaignar requested him to make himself available for the audio launch of Ilaignan. “Can I say no to the CM? quipped Rajini who further added that the reason for CM’s success for over 60 years in politics is his humility.

Praising producer S. Martin for the movie, he mentioned Martin’s welcome speech was a Tamil script written in English. He said, “I’m sure he would have rehearsed for 100 times before today and I would love to hear him say for the first time”, which made the CM and the elite guests burst in laughter. He also said that Martin flew down from Coimbatore just to thank him for his acceptance to participate in the function after the CM requested him.

Ilaignan better than Shankar movie

Commenting about Suresh Krishna, the director of Ilaignan, Rajini said that he holds a special place for him in his heart. Referring to his earlier movies with his good friend, he informed that Annamalai, Baasha and Veera were important movies in his career which made people look up to him. He commented that the songs and trailer, the Tulip gardens, the thousands of artists in one song and Alps Mountains, were better visuals than seen in a Shankar movie. “Ithu Brammandam mela Brammandam (above magnificence)”, Rajini appreciated.

He also appreciated music director Vidyasagar for his efforts and also revealed his hesitance in having him as music director for Chandramukhi instead of Ilayaraja. Rajini also had words of admiration for Pa. Vijay. “I’m amazed at Pa. Vijay’s composure and his brilliance. He has his age and the brains of a veteran like Vaali”, was his words on Vijay. He also showed his amazement on Vijay’s acting and his on-screen personality.

He concluded by saying what Nambiar used to tell him. “Nambiar saami was a good friend and he always used to tell me that though his body is 80 years old, his heart is only 18 years old”, Rajini concluded inviting another round of applause from the gathering.


Pa. Vijay, the hero of the movie, thanked the elite people who were present at the function. Stating that he still has shivers as he had on the first day of the shoot of the movie, he showed his gratitude towards all those present.

Ilaignan, it is being told, will be released on Pongal day, 2011.

Super Star Rajini at Sathyam Cinemas

December 6, 2010
Sathyam Cinemas wore a grand look on December 5th, 2010 with the TN CM M Karunanidhi, Rajinikanth, Deputy CM MK Stalin, Kanimozhi, MP., and several others making a beeline to be a part of the Ilaignan audio launch,
The film has lyricist Pa. Vijay playing the lead, and it has Meera Jasmine, Ramya Nambeesan, Kushboo and Namitha too. Ilaignan happens to be director Suresh Krishna’s 50th directorial venture and Pa. Vijay’s second film as the hero.
The dialogues of this film have been penned by chief minister M Karunanidhi. He released the first copy of the audio CD and Rajinikanth received it from him. Those present at the event were Ilaignan’s music director Vidyasagar, Ramanarayanan, Vairamuthu, Vaali, Kanimozhi, Khushboo, Namitha, and Suman.


October 7, 2010

For every person who enjoyed Endhiran, there is another person who has something to nitpick and complain about the movie. I have seen so many people spreading bad word of mouth about the movie even before seeing it by saying that the movie does not live up to the hype and that it is merely ok. I just wanted to clarify to such people as to why Endhiran is a landmark in Indian cinema history.

People who don’t like Rajni:
I really don’t know why some people don’t like the greatest entertainer ever. They just like to see him fail. They get some sadistic pleasure to know that Rajni has slipped from his perch. They cite so many reasons like his stand in politics, his larger than life antics, his high pay etc to hate him. Please people see him as an actor. I am not asking you to accept Rajni as god and do paalabishekam for his cutout. But just see him like any other actor. And finally remember that a movie is a collective effort. Don’t hate it just because you don’t like one person associated with the movie.

So finally what I would like to say is that the fact is that our lovable Superstar is getting old. Even the superstar has his limits in real life. He is choosy in selecting scripts and now that Endhiran is out it might be another 2 years before we see him on screen. And such a mammoth combo may not even be possible again in Tamil cinema. So for now instead of nitpicking Endhiran go enjoy the experience. It is a far better movie than what we have seen so far in 2010 with a lot of effort and hard work behind it. So stop hating it for silly reasons. Sun pictures, Shankar and Superstar could have easily made another masala movie which would have met the expectations of the average moviegoer and maybe raked in more profit for sun pictures compared to the investment they made now. But instead they decided to opt for a movie void of Tamil cinema clichés and one which focuses more on Superstars acting than exploiting his mass image.

And just because the movie is made with the budget of 5 movies, don’t go in expecting the entertainment value of 5 movies in one movie. Instead of expecting 200 crores of entertainment expect your tickets worth of 200 rupees of entertainment. You will find a far far rewarding movie experience.


October 5, 2010

Rajinikanth was promoting his recently released Endhiran at a studio in Chennai when he came to know Nayanthara was also in the same studio shooting for a commercial.
The actor, soon after completing his commitment, went over to the sets where the commercial was being shot, sources say.
Superstar and Nayan were seen exchanging pleasantries but their conversation turned confidential soon after.