Eesan Movie Review

December 22, 2010

If you felt that that Sasikumar’s Subramaniapuram was a dark film, hold on, Easan is even darker..I must admit that I’m a big fan of Sasikumar. Sasikumar stormed into film industry, as an actor, director and a producer with smash hit Subramaniapuram and later went on to give a stunning performance in Nadodigal. He also produced the national award winning film Pasanga.. But, I am afraid he has failed to strike the right chord with the audience this time around.

The basic plot of the movie is based on Chennai’s night life. I’d say that it is a new genre for Tamil audience. Chezhiyan (Vaibhav) is a rich spoiled guy. He and his friends are freelancers in the city as Vaibhav’s father (Deiva Nayagam, played by A.L. Azhagappan), a leading politician, would bail

them out even if they commit a murder. Vaibhav falls in love with a girl (Reshma, played by Aparna), whose father is a big businessman (largely inspired from Vijay Mallya). Predictably, there is some political drama that happens before everyone agrees to their marriage.

Samudhirakani comes as Sangayya, who is the Assistant Commissioner Of Police. He has given a very subtle performance. He is indeed used in a political drama. He gets furious after knowing this but his hands are tied by the Commissioner Of Police. The movie gains some momentum when Vaibhav is beaten up and kidnapped by an unknown person just before interval. After interval, Samudhirakani solves the case and comes to know that a XI grade student (Easan) is the convict. Obviously, Easan has a flash-back sequence where Easan’s sister (played by Abhinaya) and his father end their lives because of Chezhiyan and his friends. So, he decides to take revenge on them. Then, the climax reveals what happens to Easan and whether he takes revenge or not.

The main problem with this movie is that, it never takes off at all. You will get tired of too many repetitive pub scenes in the first half .The movie runs nearly for 3 hours which also tests your patience. The screenplay could have been a lot brisker. Music is a big let down too. James Vasanthan’s magic is definitely missing. There are too many dark and disturbing scenes in the film, which could have been avoided.

Sasikumar fails to hit the bull’s eye this time!!