For every person who enjoyed Endhiran, there is another person who has something to nitpick and complain about the movie. I have seen so many people spreading bad word of mouth about the movie even before seeing it by saying that the movie does not live up to the hype and that it is merely ok. I just wanted to clarify to such people as to why Endhiran is a landmark in Indian cinema history.

People who don’t like Rajni:
I really don’t know why some people don’t like the greatest entertainer ever. They just like to see him fail. They get some sadistic pleasure to know that Rajni has slipped from his perch. They cite so many reasons like his stand in politics, his larger than life antics, his high pay etc to hate him. Please people see him as an actor. I am not asking you to accept Rajni as god and do paalabishekam for his cutout. But just see him like any other actor. And finally remember that a movie is a collective effort. Don’t hate it just because you don’t like one person associated with the movie.

So finally what I would like to say is that the fact is that our lovable Superstar is getting old. Even the superstar has his limits in real life. He is choosy in selecting scripts and now that Endhiran is out it might be another 2 years before we see him on screen. And such a mammoth combo may not even be possible again in Tamil cinema. So for now instead of nitpicking Endhiran go enjoy the experience. It is a far better movie than what we have seen so far in 2010 with a lot of effort and hard work behind it. So stop hating it for silly reasons. Sun pictures, Shankar and Superstar could have easily made another masala movie which would have met the expectations of the average moviegoer and maybe raked in more profit for sun pictures compared to the investment they made now. But instead they decided to opt for a movie void of Tamil cinema clichés and one which focuses more on Superstars acting than exploiting his mass image.

And just because the movie is made with the budget of 5 movies, don’t go in expecting the entertainment value of 5 movies in one movie. Instead of expecting 200 crores of entertainment expect your tickets worth of 200 rupees of entertainment. You will find a far far rewarding movie experience.


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